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We provide a full range of wireless LAN equipment (radio, infrared and microwave). This covers connections within a building, building to building and wireless cameras.

Within a building DLI's family of wireless business solutions help your employees stay connected and remain productive from wherever their work takes them.

With our Wireless IP Voice offerings, we can provide users with a mobility solution that works best for them, with the features and functionality of a desk phone but the convenience of a wireless solution.

Wireless LAN Solutions enable you to connect client PCs throughout your premises - even in high-traffic areas - without running miles of cable. You can enjoy broadband connectivity of up to 11 Mbps within a typical range of up to 400m anywhere in the building.

Become more flexible:

  • Users with laptops can move anywhere on-site and still be connected
  • Everyone can access data - it's no longer restricted to the desktop
  • You can increase the number of users without needing more fixed PCs
  • 'Hot desks' are created wherever you switch on a laptop
  • When re-organisations take place, you can relocate people quickly and easily

Building to Building

Connecting networks based in separate buildings can lead to major benefits. All users can access important data, central resources and Internet/intranet connections across large open spaces, such as business parks and university campuses.

However, plans to link LANs can be hit by problems. Regulations and physical obstructions may make cabling impossible and leasing a connection with a local service provider or PTT can mean a low data rate of up to 1.5 Mbps for a T1/E1 line, while proving expensive and giving a poor return on investment.

DLI's wireless outdoor solutions offer a unique, cost-effective, easy-to-implement and fully-manageable solution, enhancing building-to-building communication, enabling outside clients on the move to access exactly what they need.

Overcome the boundaries of a fixed network:

  • The cost of linking LANs in separate buildings can be hig
  • h
  • There may be regulations and/or physical obstructions for laying a direct cable connection
  • The cost, complexity and disruption of laying fixed cables is avoided by replacing with wireless LANs
  • Users on the move have instant network access

Shared Spaces

We can offer you a state of the art shared working space quickly and cost effectively, ensuring tight security. We can provide everything that's needed for reliable broadband wireless networks in open areas.