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Data Cabling

When installing a cabling infrastructure the product selected is an important factor, but a good system is useless if installed incorrectly. DLI pride themselves on being an Industry Trained Installer and having a workforce that undertakes regular training and testing to ensure a competent provision of design, survey, installation and audit services. With DLI's policy of directly employing cabling technicians, the whole team has a pride in their workmanship and all have a responsibility to achieve customer satisfaction, something that cannot be accomplished by utilising subcontracted staff. You will always deal with an expert that is directly employed by DLI.

DLI is not only a cabling company but also provides solutions for data and voice networks. Cabling infrastructure and the voice and data networks are inextricably inter-related, allowing DLI to provide a unique capability of ensuring that the cabling system is designed appropriately for the network traffic, and vice versa. As a result, significant savings can be made, for example: in the numbers of user points needed to support IP telephony, to ensure the backbone media is optimised and by ensuring the hub locations minimise costs of network hardware.