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Many factors threaten the security of your Information Infrastructure. These factors include accidental and intentional data corruption and destruction, hacker attacks, virus infestation and potential litigation.

A co-ordinated approach that anticipates and addresses these threats is essential to guarantee the availability and integrity of your information.

Security and risk assessment with corrective action consultation and implementation includes the design and implementation of system and network security, firewalls, as well as anti-virus solutions.

We can assist you in the following ways:

  1. Identify and assess security threats.
  2. Identify and assess ways to address these threats.
  3. Work with you to perform assessment, education and selection.
  4. Design and plan a security strategy consisting of the following components:
    1. System and network security policies, controls and monitoring.
    2. Phone system, network access, Web site access and e-mail content monitoring and reporting.
    3. Firewalls.
    4. Anti-Virus Solution Suites.
    5. Backup Strategies, hardware, and software.
  5. Supply, configure, and deploy the components listed above.
  6. Once deployed, verify the correct functionality of the new components and systems.
  7. Provide you with ongoing monitoring, maintenance and support services.