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At DLI we can arrange for a local engineer to provide high quality technical support. Contact us either for preventative, essential ongoing maintenance needs or to solve specific problems. In either case CONTACT DLI and a local engineer will assess your particular requirements and offer you a high standard of expertise and professionalism. Computer crashed? Is it running slower than before? Is your Internet connection unreliable? Constantly annoyed by Spam email? The problems can seem endless but the answer is simple - CONTACT DLI and local help will be at your disposal.

At DLI we know how important your computer systems are to running your business. That is why we introduced our PREMIER Maintenance Cover.

8 hour response 8 hour fix eg. Printers
4 hour response 8 hour fix eg. PC's, Workstations
4 hour response 4 hour fix eg. Server, Hub, O/S