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DataLogistics ( 'day-te-lo-'jis-tiks )
The planning, implementation, integration, and management of computer, network, and voice systems in order to facilitate the efficient production, storage, retrieval and distribution of information.

Data Logistics & Installations Ltd (DLI) was formed as a Limited Company, providing complete local and wide area networking solutions for the computer industry.

The culmination of technical and management expertise, together with sales and marketing skills within the team, has provided a sound formula for success.

Since its inception, DLI have become one of the most widely respected independent networking companies in the country. In order to keep ahead of the latest technological advances within the industry, DLI have forged strategic partnerships with leading global manufacturers and distributors.

These market leaders have both the commitment and investment necessary to enhance their systems in line with market requirements.

DLI's continued success is attributed to its team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals, its perception of customer needs, together with its appreciation of the changing markets in both supply and demand.