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Category 6

DLI System 6 is the performance option for a network infrastructure.

With future requirements in mind, all links are 100% tested to at least 250 MHz and exhibit transmission performance that far exceed ISO/IEC, EN and TIA/EIA specifications. Simply put, DLI System 6 is the highest performing Category 6 solution available to the industry.

The need for this increased cabling bandwidth is the ongoing development of higher speed protocols. Category 5 cabling, when launched a decade ago had a much higher capability than the 10M Ethernet or 16M token ring protocols used but it has now reached the end of its lifetime with the advent of Gigabit Ethernet. Category 6 now provides additional headroom and as a result, new developments in higher speed protocols will concentrate on Category 6 performance. Category 6 increases lifetime capabilities, ultimately resulting in a maximum return on investment.

DLI is not only a cabling company but also provides solutions for data and voice networks. Cabling infrastructure and the voice and data networks are inextricably inter-related, allowing DLI to provide a unique capability of ensuring that the cabling system is designed appropriately for the network traffic, and vice versa. As a result, significant savings can be made, for example: in the numbers of user points needed to support IP telephony, to ensure the backbone media is optimised and by ensuring the hub locations minimise costs of network hardware.