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Fibre Cabling

Fibre cabling has traditionally been considered only for backbone connectivity but with higher bandwidth requirements continually increasing the cost of copper cabling, fibre is quickly becoming a cost effective horizontal cabling medium.

In both cabling and backbone scenarios however, the different standards for design and fibre componentry has given incredible scope for corporate infrastructures but unfortunately, with scope comes the need for guidance. DLI will use their experience and skills to ensure that an installed system will yield the benefits sought by a customers exact business needs.

Some of the considerations that DLI will make are the bandwidth required, the type of fibre, fibre connections and the existing fibre installed. Unlike cabling systems, if increasingly popular applications such as Gigabit Ethernet are to be used, distance limitations will be accrued resulting in decisions needing to be made on grades of fibre (e.g. single-mode, optical multimode etc).

DLI recognise that customers seek a high return on investment when it comes to network installations and will subsequently qualify existing installations to ensure that any possible migration from legacy fibre is achieved. If new fibre does need to be laid then future requirements such as bandwidth intensive 10 Gigabit Ethernet applications will be considered in every design.

Fibre Cabling